If you are a fan of indie games and miss the good old days where games comes in a package, then the IndieBox might just be for you. By subscribing to it, every month you will receive a collector's edition of an indie game delivered right to your doorstep. In the month of May, that game was Dust: An Elysian Tail, an action adventure game by Humble Hearts with a sweet combat mechanic. The devs partnered with Humble Hearts to give us this sweet package, so let us find out what's in the box.


There are 9 items in this month's box. The first thing you will see out of the package is, another box! Not just any box, it's a game box, probably what the game will look like if there was an option to buy it off the shelf. With some artwork of the game, a brief narrative of the adventures of Dust and some computer specs and game features at the back, it's a nice collector's item to put it on your geek shelf. It will also come in handy if you want to store the rest of the stuff in it. There is also a sword USB modeled after an in game weapon. Stored inside are some concept artwork, promo material and a copy of the game. Additionally you also get a copy of the original soundtrack, which comes packaged in a pair of CDs. The last game related item is the instruction manual, which contains a note from the devs, lore, character profiles and tutorials about the game.

The rest of the items are some Dust merchandise. There is a Fidget plush toy, a companion character from the game complete with a hook so it can follow you wherever you go. A cell print of high quality which captures the art of Dust, along with a certificate of authenticity. A cloth map of the mystical world of Falana, good for wiping your electronic devices and not getting lost and some stickers of the game and IndieBox. There is also a booster pack containing some collectible cards of other indie games.

So that concludes this month's IndieBox. For June, the game would be Moon Hunters, a PAX favorite game from 2015. To get yourself some sweet swag every month and at the same time support your favorite devs, you can order your very own right here.