Last Days-1.jpg

A card-driven strategy game inspired by Vic Davis' legendary Armageddon Empires and looking a bit like Amplitude's Endless Legend? Say no more, I'm sold. Auroch Digital's Last Days Of Old Earth is just that, and thankfully it doesn't feel derivative at all. As the world grows colder and everyone's following the rays of a dying sun towards the equator, it's all dwindling resources and unwinnable fights in a losing battle for survival.

Such a bleak prospect, but the game is still lots of fun to play. There's deck building and tactical fights, as well as a strategic map that lets you gain ever more ground as you establish outposts and secure supplies. The campaign has some meaty missions, and skirmish battles as well as online multiplayer add further longevity. Last Days Of Old Earth is not overly complex and pretty easy to get into. If strategy and card games are your thing, go right ahead and get this one.

Last Days Of Old Earth is available for $24.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Auroch Digital, you can visit the game's website or follow them on Twitter.