Ede Tarsoly, the lone developer behind the Elder Games moniker, must clearly be in league with some elder gods to create dark gamedev magic. There's no other way to explain the efficiency with which he releases awfully pretty games. Case in point: Meridian Squad 22, which was just unleashed on Steam Early Access. The game is not yet complete by any means, but it is already looking quite impressive. A direct successor to 2014's Meridian New World, Squad 22 sees you building bases and ordering your troops around in classic RTS fashion.

It follows the tried and true genre formula save for a few slight deviations like branching missions and a tech tree that unlocks by spending special resources which are spread around the maps. Apart from a few pathfinding issues and the lackluster story, the game feels pretty much feature-complete and very playable. There's only a handful of missions at this point, but Conquest Mode, which lets you conquer the planet without any cutscene interruptions, is already implemented and offers some measure of replayability. The full game will launch in August.

Being an indie production, it should be clear that this game cannot hold a candle against its ultra-polished triple-A brethren, and multiplayer is notably absent for this very reason. Still, the fact that Elder Games is basically a one-man operation and they managed to release three rather beautiful games in recent years is really impressive. If you like the genre and want to benefit from the slightly lower price for early adopters, you should give Meridian: Squad 22 a chance.

Meridian: Squad 22 is available for $9.99 on Steam.