Take the classic isometric RPG formula, place it in an anachronistic blend of futuristic and early 20th century technology, and replace turn-based combat with dialogue-driven confrontations, and you have Fortress Occident's No Truce With The Furies. The upcoming RPG follows a down-on-his-luck police officer, an "unmitigated failure..as a human being and an officer of the law" according to the developers, as you make your own way in the coastal city of Martinaise and take on one final case.


Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of No Truce With The Furies is its approach to combat. Or rather Fortress Occident's decision to sidestep the usual turn-by-turn or real-time-with-pause battles, and focus completely on dialogue-driven encounters and scripted confrontations. However, just because words and choices are your main tools doesn't mean that weapons, skills, and a party have no place in the game. What you have in your inventory, what you can sense through sight and hearing and smell, your various skills, your partners, and your prior choices and decisions will all affect how these confrontations can play out. Turning a conversation in your favor is much easier with a rifle in your hands.

The game's detailed world of dynamically-lit, oil painting-inspired isometric city is entirely open to you in the moments leading up to their confrontations. From the war-scarred harbors and mansions to delipidated churches on stilts along the water and sparse muddy backyards, the world of No Truce With The Furies is one with history, stories to uncover, and problems to solve.

No Truce With The Furies is slated to release on PC later this year. You can learn more about the game and developer Fortress Occident at the game's site, TIGSource devlog, as well as the developer's Facebook and Instagram pages.