Are you a dog person? I am a dog person. Dogs are the best. Buck, one particularly feisty little mutt, was apparently so incredibly awesome that developers Wave Interactive just had to turn him into a videogame protagonist. And here we are, with Buck - a 2D post-apocalyptic noir action-adventure - looking for Kickstarter funding. Aiming for a rather modest sum of $30.000 and a Q2 2017 release date, the small team from Israel is planning to release the game on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 - that's pretty ambitious!

Buck features an anthropomorphic, apocalyptic noir setting - all grumbly voices and interior monologues, as is par for the course. 2D action brawling is the meat and potatoes here, but there's also going to be branching dialogues and some satisfying weapon customization. The current pre-alpha build does not have melee combat implemented yet, but if the devs get that part of the game right, it could be a very solid brawler.

$12 (or even less if you're fast ) will reserve you a copy of the game. If you're willing to spend more, you can even get your own pet's likeness implemented, either on a poster or as NPC. Before you throw your money at Wave Interactive, why not try the Steam demo? It's in pre-alpha state and therefore a little rough around the edges, but it should give you an idea whether you want to support the creation of this game. I'm sure the real Buck would approve.