Another Saturday, another round of new and interesting games. This weekend's highlights takes us from rain-soaked WWI trenches to vibrant cyber-Norse landscapes, and all manner of otherworldly places in between.

Ad Infinitum
StrixLab | PC, PS4, Xbox One
There have been WWI games, and there have been horror games, but a WWI horror game is something we haven't seen yet. Ad Infinitum aims to rectify that, dropping you into the shoes of a soldier in claustrophobic trenches and ruined no man's land, where inhuman things lurk and hunt in the darkness. Stealth, ingenuity, and fleeing for your life are your only means to survive.

No Truce With The Furies
Fortress Occident | PC | 2016
Set in a odd hybrid world of futuristic tech and 1920s atmosphere, No Truce With The Furies tells the story of a failed police officer in this place, as he takes on one final case. Rather than typical turn-based combat, the game instead opts for tense dialogue-driven confrontations, where a rifle in hand and a partner at your side can turn the tides in your favor.

Altered Matter | PC, Consoles | 2017
Etherborn adds a vibrant low-poly touch to gravity-twisting exploration and platforming. As an odd ethereal being, you can traverse any surface, changing your gravitational orientation to solve spatial puzzles and move through exotic environments.

Pallas of Vines
Lamplight Forest | PC, Mac, PS4 | Early 2017
Music and mysteries coalesce in Pallas of Vines, a musical point-n-click adventure where music manipulates and alters the world around you. The landscape itself - from trees and rivers to buildings and sculptures - move and change in response to your music, allowing for unique sound-based puzzles.

RatDog Games | PC
In Gunnhildr, roguelite FPS meets Norse mythology as you take on the role of the titular hero and fight your way across the realms of Niflheim. Armed with an arsenal of devstating weapons and skills that modify their firepower, you engage in fast-paced combat through tight temple halls and across snow-swept peaks.