This weekend brings another diverse selection of games, from pixel art ninjas fighting against futuristic threats to voxel birds taking flight over scenic landscapes.

Cyber Shadow
MekaSkull | PC, Mac
Armed with sword and shuriken, Cyber Shadow pits your long-hibernated ninja against a future ravaged by robotic warriors and dangerous machines. Inspired by old-school titles such as Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, and Metroid, the game promises challenging combat featuring subweapons, relentless foes, and massive bosses.

Industry Entertainment | PC | Late 2016/Early 2017
Forget about trading, docking at stations, or traveling light years. Superverse is all about fast-paced arcade action. Against gorgeous backdrops of molten planets and dense asteroid belts, you obliterate enemy ships with a vast array of guide missiles, lasers, and other weapons.

Johan Gjestland | PC, Mac, iOS, VR
Fugl foregoes missions and objectives for relaxing flight over and through procedurally-generated environments, from deep caverns and tropical islands to mountainous woodlands and desert cliffs.

Sense of Place Games | PC | 2016
As a roaming energy being, you explore alien lands in Spheres. Changing weather, passing time, and your own interactions can influence the otherworldly ruins and sprawling worlds.

Sean Cruz | PC, Linux | Late 2016/Early 2017
Starfallen features open-world sci-fi survival on a colorful and vibrant planet. Through crafting, scavenging, and exploring, your stranded engineer can face alien creatures with powerful weapons and discover hidden cities within the planet's varied biomes.