Set your blasters to "puff" as Weyrdworks wants to bring you into the wacky world of Super SteamPuff. A verses style multiplayer shooter where you take control of one of the many zany characters to battle strange and wonderful space monsters like a floating cat head, a flying spaghetti monster and an evil Tri-Force with a face.

Split into two parts of the screen, where you take one side while battling enemies on the other, matches can get pretty intense. Controls are simple but far from shallow, with one button to hover, one to shoot, and one to roll, which will dodge attacks and switch positions. All kinds of ammo will spawn in the middle of the screen and if you shoot it, you will gain a new weapon for a limited number of shots. While this is cool and all, the enemies can do the same thing potentially taking this special ammo before you and using it against you.

The single player mode serves as an endless battle where you can try to get the highest score, however, it is always fun to play with friends. Yes there will be multiplayer. With plenty of characters and easter eggs to find, there will be 40 unlockable characters at launch which is done through the game's gatcha mechanic called the "Infinite Probability Machine". Unlocking these characters will also be present at the main menu, partying on your spaceship and up to silly shenanigans.

The visuals is pretty stunning and the slick animations will make you think you're playing a Saturday morning cartoon. If you're a huge fan of pop culture or geek culture in general, there are plenty of things to look for from the unlockable characters and the single player bosses. Super SteamPuff looks packed with content and is definitely to get any pop culture fans very excited.

Super SteamPuff will be launched on the 23rd of June for iOS devices ($2.99). To get to know Weyrdworks a little better, check out their website and follow them on twitter.