Players can embrace the rock rolling, apple eating, liver saving action of Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Limited Edition, helping some mythological Greek characters out of their respective binds. By clicking rapidly, players can help Prometheus out of his eagle jam, as well as loan Sisyphus some back strength to get his boulder up and over the hill.

The only trouble is that, well, these punishments were supposed to be eternal, but being the good person you are, you can get Tantalus, Danaids, Zeno, and the rest of the crew out of trouble with some dedicated clicking, freeing them to walk around and contemplate the cosmos. Which I'm sure is nice for them, given the last time Pippin Barr made a game about Sisyphus, he was never able to quite get up that hill.


Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Limited Edition is available for free. For more information on the game and Pippin Barr, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.