Back by popular demand, here is another IndieBox unboxing. Before the next IndieBox arrives, I'm going to take a look at a previous IndieBox for fun. This time, it's for the April subscription and the game is Galak-Z. If you love mecha based anime from the 1960s, this game pays a homage to the retro charm and style of the era, and this theme carries on in the IndieBox as well. Lets take a closer look.

The Galak-Z box is a real treat, sporting the style of a boxed action figure, as the first thing that might catch your eye is the little figurine at the bottom left. The other contents are also pretty sweet collectibles. You get a mini poster of the game's characters and the titular robot. There is also a game guide aptly named the "worst case scenario survival manual" and some stickers. My personal favorite is the game's soundtrack packed in the form of a cassette tape, which is hilarious becasue it's hard to find a machine that can actually play it. Nevertheless, it is all in the theme of being retro and it's 100% awesome. Lastly, you will get a USB drive in the shape of a spaceship and a copy of the game packed inside.

That's the Galak-Z edition of the IndieBox, a retro inspired collector's edition of the game. The next edition will be Moon Hunters and I am already waiting by my mailbox. To get yourself some sweet swag every month and at the same time support your favorite devs, you can subscribe for your very own one right here.