ninjapizza-1.jpgPizzariffic pizza delivery! Disparity Games' lovely Ninja Pizza Girl is probably the best game about being a good person which also includes ninjas, parkour, and pizza for some reason. It's a bit sad that the world sometimes needs a reminder that being nice to people is kinda awesome, but here we are. At least, Ninja Pizza Girl does it with style and grace - unless you mess up the part about ninjas, parkour, and pizza, that is.

The game was released on Steam last year, but now you can deliver tasty pizza goodness from the comfort of your own couch with shiny Xbox One and Playstation 4 ports. Apart from slightly snazzier visuals, 60fps, and all that jazz, the game hasn't really changed. You're still trying to deliver pizza on time, exploring pretty big levels with lots of different ways of reaching your goal. And don't let those other mean ninja dudes get you down!

Ninja Pizza Girl truly is a pleasure to play and recommended for all kinds of players. Whether you're aiming for a top spot on the leaderboards or exploring each level to unlock all extras, there's lots of joy to be found here. And maybe it'll even teach you a thing or two about not being a horrible person? Sounds like a good thing to me.

Ninja Pizza Girl is available from Steam, the Xbox Marketplace, and the Playstation Store. For more information on the developers Disparity Games, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.