Games love their towering bosses, as seen by Dark Souls, God of War, Dragon's Dogma, Jotun, and their towering monsters and deities. No Matter Studios' Prey for the Gods is seeking funds on Kickstarter to make its own wintry mark, combining survival elements, exploration, and desperate combat with dynamic battles against massive creatures.

Set on a frigid island beset by both blizzards and beasts, you guide a fierce heroine through ruins and woodlands on a quest to kill the gods. Dynamic weather means a blizzard can roll in anytime, unleashing strong winds and heavy snowfall that can impede your movement and threaten with freezing cold. Hunting, building fires, and other tactics can protect you from the elements, but weapons and evasive moment are your tools against roaming predators and otherworldly denizens of the island.

However the true test of your skill comes in the form of lumbering giants. No Matter Studios has shown two so far: one a bipedal hulk that can grab you between its claws and devour you, the other a winged creature with a massive tail and tentacular limbs. Armed with sword or bow or grappling hook, you must plan your approach, then ascend and kill these foes. Currently, five massive bosses are planned, with more to come depending on how much funding the game receives.

Prey for the Gods is aiming to release on PC in late 2017, with PS4 and Xbox One versions as stretch goals. To learn more about the game and developer No Matter Studios, you can visit the game's site or check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.