Mention the age of sail and the majestic images of masted ships cutting across the choppy seas are probably the first things that come to mind, followed by the fury of cannon blasts and splintered wood popularized by the years of cinematic ship battles. Abandon Ship hopes to capture the atmosphere of such imagery through FTL-esque naval combat and a detailed aesthetic that evokes classic oil paintings.


Managing both ship and crew, you sail across a procedural world of ocean and ports, engaging in quests, dialogue, and combat. Enemy ships and guns are always a danger during battles, but the sea itself is just as unpredictable, with powerful storms and lightning strikes being a variable to consider while fighting. Your array of cannons and smart maneuvering are key to success at sea, complemented by the tactics to board enemy vessels or make repair mid-battle, but you won't always end up the victor.

However, Abandon Ship doesn't end when your ship is destroyed. Rather, your surviving captain will be lost at sea; if you can survive on the open ocean, make it to land, you'll be able to begin gathering a new crew and ship to rule the ocean once more.

Abandon Ship is expected to release on PC in 2017. You can learn more about the game and developer on its website and Twitter page.