loop_30.gifWe first featured Vested Interest's simian.interface as a browser pick three years ago. It's a visual puzzle game in which the player must move their mouse around, shifting the shapes on the screen until they line up the way they're supposed to. Since then, it's been released on iOS. That version was upgraded with procedurally generated levels for extended replayability and redubbed simian.interface++. It has recently been released on Windows and Mac.

The base game is very meditative, which makes the addition of the procedurally generated infinite_loop mode a good option for people who like zen modes in their puzzle games. The puzzles don't get very hard, but there's also an arcade mode titled timed_evaluation which gives the player 60 seconds to solve as many puzzles as possible, with two seconds added for each puzzle solved and more bonus time added every several levels. Leaderboards and statistics have also been added, as has the ability to play the game in fullscreen.

loop_14.gifUnfortunately, the game doesn't appear to be particularly colorblind-friendly. Many levels won't be a problem for people with color deficiencies, but some, particularly amongst the procedurally generated levels, might. There's only so big a possibility space for movement in each puzzle, so a colorblind person should still be able to brute-force their way through a puzzle if they can't see the shapes' colors. Folks with flash-triggered epilepsy should also be careful; the game doesn't flash inherently, but swift mouse movement and the subsequent swift shape movements might be an issue for some.

People looking for difficult puzzles won't find them in simian.interface++. However, if you're looking for something to relax with, it's one to consider. The game can be picked up for $0.99 on iOS or $1.99 on Steam.