Better late than never, this is the June edition of the IndieBox; Moon Hunters. An isometric RPG game that put's the player's narrative above everything else. The lore, characters, the constellations in the night sky and it's soothing soundtrack makes up for the identity of the game, and that is well reflected in this month's IndieBox.

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The game box which depicts a beautiful night sky, is overlay-ed by a plastic cover which forms the constellations. I love the custom designed USB drive which contains the game is a massive symbol of the game's villainous cult. The instruction manual is also a great read, which dives deep into the game's lore such as the characters and the towns. Among other things in the IndieBox, you will get the soundtrack in the form of a CD, a couple of coasters, a bunch of fridge magnet and a neat little pin with a crescent on it. All of these products carries the art pretty well.

The Moon Hunters IndieBox is a collector's edition worthy of expressing the game's mystical and mysterious world. The next IndieBox featuring Hands Of Fate will be up next. To get yourself some sweet swag every month and at the same time support your favorite devs, you can subscribe for your very own one right here.