It seems we messed up in the end. A great flood ravaged the land, a thick layer of unbreakable ice covered the seas, forcing us to live in underwater cities, traversing the oceans in our steampunky contraptions. You're the captain of such a vessel, managing your crew and your resources, and getting into trouble more often than you'd like. What secrets may these unexplored depths hold? You'll find out soon enough in Arachnid Games' Diluvion, an exploration game with RPG elements and wonderful submarine combat.

It's not any old quest you're on. You've got the dubious honor of uncovering humanity's greatest secret, which just happens to be found at the deepest point of the sea. That whole third person exploration part sure looks nice, but the 2D management screens are just as lovely, playing up the game's steampunk aesthetics and clashing rather nicely with any preconceptions you might have about how submarine exploration sims ought to look.

Diluvion certainly doesn't lack outlandish ideas, be it religious deep sea fanatics or giant crabs wearing old ships as carapace. There are weird and wonderful things down there, especially when you venture off the beaten path. The game should actually emerge pretty soon from the murky depths below, so keep an eye on its website or follow Arachnid Games on Twitter.