Somewhere, "in a dark garage filled with guitars and drums," French developers Headbang Club have quietly been working on Double Kick Heroes. Which is a bit surprising, considering the game is anything but quiet. In fact, it is in-your-face metal, screaming guitar riffs, thundering double bass drums, wild headbanging, and whatnot. So turn those speakers up and follow a luckless band of musical misfits into the desert wasteland, chased by a bunch of zombies and other monstrosities. The only way to stop these creatures is with the power of metal!

Evolved from a popular game jam prototype, Double Kick Heroes boils the usual trappings of rhythm games down to the bare essentials: kick that bass drum to the beat and the undead will be reduced to chunky bits of roadkill thanks to those shotguns being connected to the pedals. Move the car up and down to evade particularly nasty attacks. Drum away like a madman, kill those undead.

The game is almost absurdly fun. I couldn't help but grin when I was mashing my way through the demo. It's currently bound for a Steam release sometime this winter. Don't worry about missing the release, as it will probably enter the scene with a bang, fists raised, head banging, scaring your elderly neighbors, just as it should be. Hell yeah. For more information on Double Kick Heroes, visit the game's website or follow Headbang Club on Twitter.