From Torched Hill, the devs that brought you some of the most critically acclaimed mod campaigns for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dragon Age: Origins comes "a rhythm roll playing game that you can marble at" (the devs take full credit for this pun).

Jokes aside, the game is literally about rolling a ball through different levels. It's kind of like the video game version of that handheld game where you roll a tiny metal ball into a goal. In this game you do so while avoiding hazards like death rays and heated panels. In addition to reaching the goal, you can also collect light pellets which heal you and contribute to a completion bonus of each level. Also, the less frequently you die and use the checkpoints the higher your score. While these things won't hinder your progress, it will bother you if you're a completion freak.

Now you might think, is that it? I would say, yes and no. Sure it is a relatively simple game, but I do find that most of my enjoyment stems from the humor. The game's text instructions are probably the highlights. Riddled with puns and snarky comments about how to play the game, I find myself progressing just to see what the game has to say next. Die early in a level, and it will comment on how you are not even trying. When the path splits and the game labels one side a dead end, naturally I went on to see if it was true, and was promptly rewarded with a dead end. Think of it as a milder version of GLaDOS.

The art style is also pretty cool. The bright neon lights, walls, and panel coupled with the glowing ball give it a very Tron-esque feel. The music also adds another layer to the game, enhancing the tone while also being the cue for the game's hazards. Anything that moves in the game (besides you, of course) will stick to the rhythm of the soundtrack. If you are into synthesized music, you will definitely enjoy the track and groove along with it as you get the ball rolling (again, the devs take credit for this pun).

Road to Ballhalla is available for $14.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Torched Hill, you can head to the developer's site or follow them Twitter.