Developer Failbetter Games has been carefully crafting and building its world of subterranean Victorian fantasy for seven years, first with the dark otherworldly interactive fiction Fallen London and then into the pitch-black uncharted waters of Sunless Sea. But we've explored the city and its districts, the surrounding ocean and islands (and soon under the sea in the upcoming expansion), where else is there to go...but up?

Announced at EGX, Sunless Skies will be the next game from Failbetter, and take the player to space. Not space as we know it, but the space of Fallen London, a realm that hews close to a Victorian-era understanding of space, where the stars aren't plasma spheres but eldritch gods that are slowly being murdered. A revolution among the royalty of London has led to an exodus into this unknown territory, where "bohemians, revolutionaries and outcasts - like you - are trying to make a life for themselves on its fringes."

Of course being a Failbetter game, that life won't be easy. With Sunless Skies, they plan to expand upon the strengths of Sunless Sea to deliver another punishing game of tense exploration and engaging prose, that will also respect your time.

Sunless Skies will release on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and will be having a Kickstarter in February of next year. To learn more about Failbetter and the other games in this universe, you can visit their site, as well as Twitter and Facebook.