It may not be readily apparent from screenshots, but you're a one-man army in Warcube. The images may show you the colorful aesthetic, the isometric view, the fortresses and overworld map, but watch the game in motion, and you see a game promising slick, acrobatic, and skillful combat.

Warcube is set across a fantasy kingdom under occupation by the evil Redking and his crimson army, tasking you with traveling the land to clear out outposts and build up your army. These fortresses, guarded by archers and swordsman and large bosses and catapults, may seem near-insurmountable, but you're the titular Warcube, equipped with a specific set of skills. Warcube's focus is on skill-based combat. from being able to chain together strikes and parries into enemy-slaughtering combos, to leaping over your enemies' heads and unleash devastating arrows mid-air in slow motion.

Playing the early PAX demo revealed a simple-to-control combat system that shined in its smooth animations and ease of pulling off stylish moves. Regular and charged attacks let you quickly reposition and leap overhead, deftly evading arrows while firing your own. Even at this early stage, Warcube's fighting finds that balance between being easy to control while feeling effortless to accomplish satisfying feats.

Different classes and weapons will imbue you with special abilities and skills, and even the environment can be used to your advantage, such as literally catapulting yourself over fortress walls. When the game comes to Early Access this fall, it will feature that core combat and structure, but developer Haven Made plans to add more locations, factions, enemy types, weapons, and special attacks, as well as the possibility of multiplayer to test your warrior prowess against friends.

Warcube will be coming to Steam Early Access later this year. For GIFs and more details on the game and developer Have Made, you can visit its site and Twitter page.