Keeping ancient gods asleep is a full time job in The Shrouded Isle, a new game from Kitfox Games that will have you managing cultists so that they're fed, housed, and happy. The latter can be a bit dicey, though, given that you'll be sacrificing someone to the Old Ones each season in order to maintain their slumber.

The Shrouded Isle starts you off with five families, with their personalities, habits, vices, and relationships all procedurally generated at the beginning of each game. You then have to keep them from bickering with each other, uniting them in the shared caused of worshiping terrible, powerful gods. Making sure they all get along won't be easy, but becomes especially challenging once you've sacrificed someone from their family.

If you consider yourself a people pleaser who also happens to enjoy worshiping embodiments of madness from beyond time and space, you'll want to clear your schedule for February of 2017. You'll be busy keeping a bunch of dangerous, scheming people happy that month when the game releases.

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