A weird facility, doorways to unlock, and distinct challenges that gradually introduce new mechanics. You could apply those descriptions to a Portal or QUBE, but Echoplex adds its own unique angle to the first-person puzzler. You're being pursued by your past, and it's both your biggest advantage and most dangerous threat.

In Echoplex, you must navigate through claustrophobic levels constructed with colored doorways and switches. Figuring out what order to unlock doors is your means to reach the exit, but unfortunately, an echo follows you: a replay of yourself repeating your actions. Garbed in a white outfit and eerie expressionless mask, it's like being chased by your own personalized horror movie stalker, quite fitting for the season. If the echo catches you, you die.

However, in the vein of other time-looping puzzlers, you'll need to outsmart your echo to solve challenges, staggering actions and timing your movements to unlock doors and activate switches. An early demo available on the game's Greenlight page is short, but shows an intriguing foundation with its minimalist aesthetic and tricky spatial puzzles.

Echoplex is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight and is expecting to release on PC, Mac, and Linux next year. You find more screenshots and details on the game's Twitter page.