Granted, Donuts 'N' Justice, an action game about two donut munching cops in the 1980s, is not particularly clever. But then, it doesn't even try to be. This fast-paced pixelated buddy movie of a game is best enjoyed in co-op mode with your brains switched off and your trigger fingers twitching.

Developer Tibor 'FobTi' Fobel has been generously borrowing particular mechanics from other games in his past titles, and Donuts'n'Justice is no different in this regard. Featuring an unlock system similar to Vlambeer's Super Crate Box, you're rewarded with new weapons for picking up badges. You're certainly going to need those - the city is swarming with bad guys, making the game very challenging indeed.

If you have a spare controller lying around and a partner in crime-fighting available, you should definitely give Donuts'n'Justice it a spin for a bit of dumb and difficult fun. You can purchase the game from Steam for $4.99. For more information, visit developer FobTi's website or follow him on Twitter.