In what feels like a complete U-turn from his previous, narrative-driven game, Killing Time At Lightspeed, John 'Gritfish' Kane just released Mallow Drops, a whimsical puzzle platformer starring two cute kiwis. By manipulating gravity, you have to help them recover their lost eggs in over 100 levels - which sounds a lot simpler than it actually is.

The game follows the tenet of "easy to grasp, surprisingly tricky to master." It is intuitive and deceptively simple: you can rotate the level, which might cause obstacles to move out of the way, and move your kiwi in a straight line, i.e. it only stops when it hits a wall. Only if you manage to collect all eggs, an exit opens up and lets you push onward. Of course, the difficulty ramps up quickly and before you know it, you'll be scratching your head in confusion and consider using one of those tempting level skip tokens. The addition of leaderboards keeps even the easier levels highly motivating, but you probably won't spare many thoughts for other players' completion times when you struggle to beat the later stages.

Mallow Drops is a neat little package of puzzle goodness. It might appear a little too unassuming for its own good, but behind the whimsical exterior hides a lovely little brain teaser that will keep you occupied for a long time. You can purchase the game from Steam for $9.99. For more information, visit the Gritfish website or follow John Kane on Twitter.