Solitune, a short game about abandoning your old life and becoming a shepherdess, is all about leaving the things that don't make you happy behind. This is accomplished by walking through colorful, slightly surreal dioramas and clicking on things, which in itself is nice and calming. There's also understated music, bleeping and blooping away most pleasurably in the background, and sheep are frolicking about as you slowly turn into a shepherdess.

All of this is delightfully strange and carries a nice message. You see, on your way to become more at peace with yourself, you have to help other people. These then turn into sheep and follow you, which... is a bit weird, actually. But then, so is the rest of Solitune.

The shepherding is not only a wonky metaphor or Jana Reinhardt's personal escapism fantasy. It works on so many levels, from a simple "back to nature" thing to more complex ideas about society and even christianity, if you want. Whatever you might read into the game, Solitune is a delight and totally worth the 15 minutes or so you'll spend on it.

You can purchase Solitune on for $2. (Pay $4.50 or more and get the soundtrack as well.) For more information on Rat King, visit their website or follow Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch on Twitter. Just be careful not to be turned into sheep or something. You never know.