Arcade racers are often defined by their hectic nature, through extreme speeds and gravity-defying tracks. Drive!Drive!Drive! has all those hallmarks, multiplied by two, three, sometimes even four. Here, you don't have to navigate the aggressive opponents and loops of a single track, but rather manage multiple tracks simultaneously.

Just focusing on a single track, Drive!Drive!Drive! sends your vehicles careening through packs of other racers, over gaps, past forks in the road and loops. Smash, drift, and accelerate through these low-poly tracks and you'll both earn points and take the lead. But that's just one track. Drive!Drive!Drive!'s fast-paced arcade racing spread across multiple roadways, challenging you to switch between them to take control and leave the reckless AI driving the others. These mechanics turns the gameplay into a juggling act, balancing your time and focus between several cars, choosing the best times to jump between vehicles so all of your drivers take first place.

Besides two campaigns with 100 tracks between them, you can also test your multi-car prowess to the test through online multiplayer, in various modes such as time trials, or even make your wild tracks through the in-game editor.

Drive!Drive!Drive! is available for $19.99 on Steam and PS4. For more details on the game and developer Different Cloth, visit their site and Twitter page.