Deios II // DEIDIA takes players to the corrupted world of an abandoned BBS system, letting them use forced glitches to find new paths through this broken digital land.

Deios II // DEIDIA puts you in a strange, unstable place filled with visual noise and pixel imagery. You're encouraged to explore this place, wandering its jittering landscapes while the music reacts to your behavior. There are many different paths you can take through this world, so feel free to roam and take in the ruins of the ancient BBS.

You can strike out on more paths by forcing further glitches and corruption onto the already-tattered place. By calling up a corruptor, you can cause glitches that will have varied effects throughout the game's world. Feel free to mess with this place as you see fit, distorting and breaking the land as you walk across it. Still, is it really a glitch if you're doing it on purpose? Or are you just speaking to the code, whispering in a language it already knows even if you don't understand what you're asking?

Deios II // DEIDIA is available for $9.99 on Steam and For more information on the game and developer BARCHboi, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.