Independent by Design, the lovely tribute to indie games and their developers that we covered a while back, has released, bringing interviews and writing about over twenty different indie studios, delving into the histories and stories of Vlambeer, Lucas Pope, 11 bit Studios, and many more.

Independent by Design features artwork, essays, and interviews done with many different famous indie developers, providing a look into the designs of games like Rogue Legacy. More importantly, it digs into the pasts of these developers and the work they're doing, giving an in-depth look at how they came to work in games and their experiences as developers.

If you've ever wanted to know more about the creation of Titan Souls, or the history behind the developer of Nidhogg, or see some of the concept art for games like Hotline Miami, this beautiful book has you covered.


Independent by Design is available in a few different formats from the book's site. For more information on author John Robertson, you can head to their site or follow them on Twitter. For more information on author Stace Harman, you follow them on Twitter.