An archer stands as the last hope of a ruined world, attuning her arrows to various powers she can use to help restore the severed ley lines by solving environmental puzzles in Ley Lines, a free-to-play adventure.

As players explore the temple of Miria's Heart, they will gain access to the power of the broken ley lines that they've come to repair. These will let players access various types of arrows that can slow time, create gravity wells that suck things toward them, make bridges of light, make objects levitate, or warp relics around. All of these powers will be needed to figure out the puzzles in the game's environments, helping the archer work toward saving her world.

If you're a little frustrated with any given puzzle, you can try something completely different. The developers state that there are multiple ways players can solve most of the puzzles, so if your plan seems a little too hard, you can always try something else.

Not bad for a free student game. Not bad at all.

Ley Lines is available for free on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Miria Studios, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.