Tang Soo Do spin kicks delivered to the faces of deadly businessmen. Shmup action where you need to guide satellites out of danger, embracing non-combat before your peaceful nature overwhelms your interstellar enemies. Guiding a flying cassette around a world map. Managing cows. Ohr is its own unique mixture of genres and play styles, drawing you into an ever-changing dream where your first order is finding your place in the chaos.

Ohr is deliberate chaos, though. The mishmash of genres and play styles might make it sound otherwise, but as a being recently reborn into this world, it will take time to figure out how to exist and thrive here. Being only just manifest has this kind of downside, after all. But the people of this world need you, so you must quickly find a way to understand the needs of this strange land.

As you figure out how to survive here, you can slowly piece together the needs of the people from your floating cassette fortress. Then, when you go down among them, Actraiser-style, you'll face their deadly businessmen enemies and other strange monsters, using spinning kicks to knock them around. If you're too clumsy at that, you'll end up in a pacifistic shmup world, dodging shots until you find yourself back in the real world. You can also meet with strangers to learn more about their plight while exploring the world, and when not busy with that, you can manage some cows that act as your extra lives.

It's a complex blend of genres, play styles, and imagery, drawing from Kabbalistic terminology and the NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As like other Rail Slave Games, there is nothing else like it.

Ohr is available for $5.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Rail Slave Games, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.