From the desolate lunar surface of the Moon to eldritch horror-overrun streets, the games this weekend covered all manner of battlegrounds and environments.

Unforeseen Incidents
Backwoods Entertainment | PC, Mac, Linux | Spring 2017
Point-and-click adventure Unforeseen Incidents takes a more humorous approach to the end of the world, following hero Harper Pendrell on a cross-country journey that could save humanity.

Deliver Us The Moon
KeokeN Interactive | PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One | 2017
Set in a lunar station and the Moon itself, you must work together with a robot companion to explore, solve puzzles, and uncover an engimatic narrative in Deliver Us The Moon.

Nick Preston | PC
Toryansé promises a mysterious wordless adventure, telling the tale of a young woman facing an existential crisis.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft
10tons Ltd | PC, consoles
Armed with a mech suit, teleportation tech, and devastating lightning weaponry, the game's titular challenge pits the heavily-armed inventor against hordes of cultists and nightmarish beasts.

Pixel Wizards | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017, currently on Kickstarter
As hinted at by the title, Chessaria combines the tactics of chess with a story-driven adventure, boss fights, and dangerous special titles.