From the airless void to spheres of earth and water, these highlights feature diverse landscapes, past, future, and beyond.

Raven Sword Industries | PC | 2017
From the cockpit of your Orion fighter, Arkin thrusts you into intense galactic dogfighting. You must tactically shift energy between shields, weapons, and engine while weaving and blasting away among asteroid fields and capital fleets.

Sharp Flint
EatMeat Games | PC, Mac
Set thousands of years ago, Sharp Flint is a game of prehistoric survival and exploration, challenging you to hunt low-poly fauna with spear and stone.

PolyKnight Games | PC, Mac, Linux
Innerspace places you in control of a sharp-winged aircraft in a landscape far from our own, spherical worlds of ancient ruins and deep oceans and towering dieties for you to explore.

A House of Many Doors
Pixel Trickery | PC, Mac | February 3rd
Reminsicent of the worlds of Failbetter, A House of Many Doors combines tactical combat and management of your many-legged train with text-heavy exploration of a weird multi-dimensional reality where dead gods burn and sentient spider welcome you to libraries of esoteric tomes.