You'll find infested space stations, weird art deco cities, and a struggling Viking village in this weekend's collection of interesting games.

Nerdrage Studios | PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Aboard the many decks of the Carpthian, unknown horrors roam. In the RPG-shooter hybrid Xenomorph, you must explore the ship, fighting enemies with upgradable weapons, stealthy flanking, and powerful items.

Project Soul
No Items Studio | PC
A pixel art action-adventure, Project Soul follows its robe-and-scarf wearing hero through a mysterious world, focusing on exploration and spell-driven combat.

Shiro Games | PC | Early 2017
Your settlers in Northgard aren't hapless villagers, but fierce Vikings. In this strategy game, you must manage their settlement, assigning jobs,expanding borders, and setting to fight back the dire wolves, giants, and other dangers lurking beyond their home.

Ymmersive | PC
Set in a low-poly art deco city, Rosegun is described as part Bioshock, part Talos Principle, combining first person shooting with challenging puzzles.