Fast frenetic platformers have been a staple of indie games for years, from Super Meat Boy to the flowing mastery of Dustforce. Splasher looks to be bring colorful charm and quite literally fluid platforming to the genre, as you race and leap through its challenging gauntlets aided by spraying ink.

You're a titular Splasher, and you have one goal: rescue your captured companions and stop the evil plans of Le Docteur. An dangerous arsenal of saws, lasers, missiles, acid, and other life-ending hazards await between you and your mission, but thankfully you have a paint cannon and that's all you need to survive.

Your cannon unleashes three kinds of ink - water that erases ink, red sticky ink, and yellow bouncing ink - and combining their abilities while sprinting at full speed creates a vibrant path through the levels, sprinting across ceilings, switching inks mid-leap, and shooting down hovering turrets. Bosses, time attacks, and speedrunning introduce new challenges to overcome, putting your ink usage to the ultimate test.

Splasher is coming to PC and Steam on February, with console releases planned for the spring. You can find more details on the game and developer Splashteam on their site, Twitter, and Facebook.