The puzzles of Don't Chat With Strangers start off simply enough. You're in your room, typing to a woman you just met in an online chat room. She's not entirely what she seems to be, though, and a few poorly-chosen phrases and actions will be all it takes to bring yourself to a gory, supernatural end.

The woman in question is some sort of powerful, unnatural being, although the full extent of what she can do will only become clear as you make her angry. There are many, many ways to die in this game, so expect to stumble across many a horrible end. Which is kind of part of the fun, in a Shadowgate-y kind of way.

You have a few things you can fiddle with in your room as you're on the computer. You can play games. You can check out your stuff. Or you can talk with the strange woman you've met online. It's not going to be overly clear what you'll need to do to live through this situation, though, so you'll need to experiment with the things that are lying around, as well as your replies to the woman, to survive.

Don't Chat With Strangers is pretty neat, both as a cautionary tale about meeting strangers online, and as a horror game with an unknowable haunting.

Don't Chat With Strangers is available for $4.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Bartosz Bojarowski, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.