The first Screenshot Saturday of 2017 is emblematic of the indie gaming as a whole: diverse in genre and ambitions, varied in aesthetic and styles, and promising interesting worlds and mechanics.

08 Games | PC
After on and off progress since 2011, developer 08 Games is finally revealing enticing new footage of STEALER (or 5734L3R), an atmospheric cyberpunk adventure set in a world of robots and oppressive security, and weaponry, stealth, hacking, and platforming are your means of navigating danger.

Liberation Circuit
Linley Henzell | PC | Free alpha
In Liberation Circuit, modular ships wage strategic warfare, except you also have the ability to program their actions and behavior. It's an abstract RTS that also doubles as a programming game.

Super God | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Riptale drops you into deadly caverns where dragons and other reptilian enemies lurk, where only your agility and deft acrobatic swordplay allow you to survive these relentless foes. Finding gems in the caves unlock new skills to refine your combat.

The Yearning
Evan Todd | PC
In the future, battle won't be waged with guns...but by remote controlled spider drones. The Yearning combines single and multi-player aspects as you enter command pods to guide small drones to climb, spy, and fight across neon stages.

Lucas Govatos | PC, Mac, Linux
Set in a cryptic world of sci-fi ruins and weird technology, you must solve tricky puzzles to escape Epitasis, using lasers, force fields, and other tools to progress.