From the deadly skies above to the shifting desert sands below, the games this Screenshot Saturday cover a varied spectrum of worlds and genres.

Celestial Breach
Dark Nebulae | PC | $9.99 (Early Access)
Fierce futuristic dogfights take place over sprawling landscapes in Celestial Breach. Armed with an arsenal of upgradable weapons and abilities, you can take on enemy squadrons solo or with a friend.

Wizard Fu Games | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Wielding the titular sword, your hero must navigate the procedurally-generated sci-fi worlds of Songbringer. Powerful skills, interesting secrets, high-tech dungeons, and fierce bosses await

Aeon of Sands
Two Bits Kid | PC, Mac, Linux
Aeon of Sands transplants the classic first-person RPG to the desert ruins of a lost city, brought to life through hand-drawn art and strategic combat.

The Young Socratics | PC, Mac
Inspired by games like Myst, Odyssey is a puzzle adventure on a mysterious island. The concept here is that the game is focused on science, with puzzles and lore revolving around scientific history and astronomy