Magic battles, dangerous temples, and distant waters are all present in this weekend's collection of screenshot saturday picks.

Eon Altar
Flying Helmet Games | PC, Mac | $6.99
Eon Altar is a local co-op RPG, putting your magical allies against fierce foes in tactical battles. An interest twist is a mobile app that lets you upgrade your hero, among other elements, mid-game.

DarkDes Labs | PC | $6.99
Vzerthos drops your well-armed hero into a deadly trap-filled temple, challenging you to face relentless enemies and dangers with your guns and upgrades bestowed by the God of Thunder.

Echo Lake
Capsule Three | PC
On the waters of the mysterious Echo Lake, a young child solves puzzles with a telescope to merge constellations and controlling the fish below with special abilities.

AG Devs | PC
A hand-drawn fantasy RPG. Elothia tasks you with defeating grotesque beasts within dank cavernous dungeons, leveling up and making choices as you progress.

Puppy Games | PC, PS4, Xbox One
Set in the titular town, Basingstoke is a "survival horror roguelike", where you must use different classes and weapons to escape a ruined place where monsters lurk.