Feed Tattletail! Brush its hair! Follow its demands into the shroud of darkness that hides a force that intends to feed on the fluids in your eyes! Talk to it! Tattletail is endless fun! Just don't ever, EVER let its mother know you're hanging out with it.

Tattletail invokes the kind of worries many kids quietly have about their talking toys - the fear that something untoward is going to come out of its mouth one day. Something frightening. Something lethal. Still, the danger in Tattletail doesn't entirely come from the creepy toy itself, but rather the Mama Tattletail, which was taken off the market for some gut-churning reasons. But lucky you, you managed to somehow have one of these rare toys turn up at your house!

So, your job is to avoid Mama, follow the Tattletail's directions, and keep your crummy flashlight going by shaking it. Which makes noise. Which draws Mama closer. I think you can see how this all comes together. Still, if you want to live a much more violent version of those frightening nights spent hearing your talking toys muttering from your closet, Tattletail is for you.

Tattletail is available for $4.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Waygetter Electronics, you can follow them on Twitter.