Terry Cavanagh is probably best known for the brutal challenge of Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, but his library of flash games is actually quite diverse, Copycat is an old-school roguelike where you mimic the abilities of the last enemies you killed, the puzzles of Naya's Quest plays with perspective, while Don't Look Back acts as a retro retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

His newest game, Tiny Heist, tackles the stealth genre, challenging you to carefully sneak and sprint through randomized gauntlets of relentless guards.

Your yellow @ symbol is quite fragile, but through observation and planning, you'll be able to survive Tiny Heist's challenging stages. Each level is a web of roaming guards, rotating turrets, locked doors, and waiting exits; move and the world moves in a turn-based fashion, giving you the ability to watch. study, and act methodically.

Enemies and turrets have visible vision cones, so stealth in Tiny Heist is mostly careful weaving between lines of sight, timing your movement to circle around a turret or move between patrols unseen. Make a wrong move, and you'll have aggressive guards pursuing you relentlessly through the levels, as you race to reach keys and get to the exit door.

Tiny Heist can be played for free in your browser or downloaded from itch.io. You can find more games from Terry Cavanagh on his blog.