Soul Searching has you leaving your home island on a small raft, taking yourself in whatever direction you so choose. Will you seek the magical creatures of the world, improve your craft and sailing to explore the land, or live a quiet fishing life as you mull over your peaceful existence. Soul Searching has no intention of telling you which you should do, leaving you to find your own place in its expansive world...

You are free to sail wherever your whim takes you in Soul Searching. The game features an array of things to see, people to meet and talk with, and creatures to encounter out on the waves, so it's up to you to create your own adventures or peaceful moments in this world. You'll have to fish for food to survive, and maybe take care when night falls not to run into any hostile magical beasts, but the world is really yours to explore so long as you're willing to take the risks.

And there are some risks. Dragons aren't terribly friendly at times, and whales can be real downers when they're in bad moods. Still, you could find some magic spells to make your life easier, or maybe you'll just find a place to settle down in. The developers at Kayabros simply want to give you this world and have you savor your travels through it. What stories lie beyond the horizon? What will you learn about yourself while on this calming journey?

Grab and oar to find out.

Soul Searching is available for $9.99 on Steam and For more information on the game and developer Kayabros, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.