Terrible Posture Games' Tower of Guns had quite an apt name, given that it pitted your and many large powerful guns against enemies that were quite literally all turrets. Stationary turrets, flying turrets, giant wheels of turrets, all firing hailstorms of massive bullets. It was bullet hell by way of roguelite first person shooter.

Mothergunship is its prettier but no less frantic successor, maintaining the bullet hell action and expanding upon it with gun crafting, more complex levels, and towering bosses.

Mothergunship puts you in the shoes of a well-armed resistance fighter against an alien invasion, dropped into procedurally generated stages filled with hordes of enemies and even larger hordes of bullets. Agile movement and constant shooting are your best defenses, obliterating the ship's encroaching foes with your own firepower. While Tower of Guns contained a diverse but limited set of weapons, Mothergunship places a much larger emphasis on your arsenal, not only letting you dual-wield guns but also construct your own.

The trailer only shows a few of the lead-firing monstrosities you can build: twelve-barrel rocket launchers, lightning shotguns, and other massive guns that fill up the sides of the screens with barrels and ammo drums. Different barrels and other parts will affect your firing speed, ammo count, bullet types, and various buffs for those bullets; perks and upgrades found throughout will also enhance yourself and weapons in typical roguelike fashion.

Mothergunship will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can visit the game's website and Steam page to learn more.