Devan Rensburg, "a man of mixed heritage" in the 19th century, finds himself dealing with the squabbles, prejudices, and hatred aboard the clipper Herald, dealing with people's problems and hatreds however he (and you) choose in choice-based point & click game Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I & II.

The people aboard this ship are carrying a crew of people divided by race, class, and more, meaning many of them do not get along with each other, or even outright hate one another. As Devan, your job is to help these people with their problems during their journey, choosing who to assist and how to respond to their problems. These people are all pretty crafty and careful with their thoughts, though, so you'll need to be careful about who you trust.

Who will you ally yourself with in this time of inequality? Do you back the elites to make your life easier, or do you stand up for the people who are getting stepped on in this society? It will be up to you through your actions and decisions, and all this will be undertaken while you try to figure out why your trip is taking a mysterious journey with this powder keg of a a crew.

The full story of Herald is split into four parts, with the next two to be released as DLC in the future.

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I & II is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Wispfire, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.