If you've dreamed of customizing a bear for third person, action RPG combat, taking your own striking ursine warrior out into the fields for glory and battle, the Early Access release of Witanlore: Dreamtime has you covered.

Made by a group of past Elder Scrolls modders, Witanlore: Dreamtime will have you playing as a humanoid bear-man, one you've taken the time to customize through the game's character-creation program, allowing you to make just the right bear for you. Once that's ready, you're off to explore a world of quests and danger, wandering an open world to see what adventure grabs you.

When not beating on monsters with your chosen weapon style, you can roam the world to learn about its lore, talk to other bears in conversations where what you say matters, or find in-game friends to join you on foolhardy journeys as you try to figure out what evil forces are conspiring to throw the world into chaos. You know, as evil forces do.

Customizable bear warrior, though. That's good enough alone, right there.

Witanlore: Dreamtime is available for $6.99 on Steam Early Access. For more information on the game and Druid Gameworks, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.