From fierce Viking skirmishes to acrobatic combat against eldritch evils, you'll find a diverse selection of battles among the games in this weekend's collection

Playwood Games | PC, Mac, iPad | 2017
Atop dioramas of seaside villages and dank caverns, viking figurines wage war against knights and other warriors. Wartile combines turn-based tactics with quite detailed and well-animated tabletop battlegrounds.

Beardserk Studio | PC, Mac, Linux
As an agent for the government's propaganda ministry, Kommissar tasks you with maintaining peace and order within the country. Manage the citizenry, send operatives to investigate and quell dissent, interrogate the opposition, and guide the regime through your actions.

Aleksi Sirviö | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Gloom drops you into the surreal nightmarish world of the Common Dream. Monstrous beasts roam these worlds, and you must slay them all with skillful combat and powerful items.

Legion 1917
Legion team | PC
Legion's turn-based strategy explores an era not well explored in games: the Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War. Tense battles take place on stark hand-drawn battlefields, as you position your fighters to survive each encounter.