Demons, robotic police, and alien life forms are only some of the dangers present in this weekend's selection of Screenshot Saturday highlights.

Fluttermind | iOS
Formerly known as Bemuse, Wardenclyffe's cute colorful exterior hides something dark and demonic. In this puzzle-adventure game, you must explore and research ancient runes to figure out how to summon and interact with devious ravenous demons.

Rocketship | PC | March 2017
Alone on a mysterious planet, you must explore and fight across the alien world of Helium. High-tech guns and your hoverbike are your main tools in both combat and traversal.

My Memory of Us
Juggler Games | PC
My Memory of Us follows a friendship within the confines of a bleak and dangerous totalitarian state. Drawn from events that took place in Poland during the Holocaust, the game uses its more fanciful mechanized setting to explore mature themes.

Starlight Rogue
Intergalactic Studio | PC, Mac, Linux | 2017
Modular spaceships battle across a procedural universe in Starlight Rogue; powerful weapons like a devastating lightning gun lets you blow apart enemies piece-by-piece, while persistent upgrades give you more options in future playthroughs.

Bool Games
Bearslayer is a charming precision platformer, guided by only a single button. With only the ability to jump, you'll have navigate deadly spikes, evade enemies, and solve puzzles.