Today's Trailer Roundup features candy-colored dance-offs, fwooshy flying action, open-world pinball, and some rather silly caveman antics.

Sky Rogue
Windows, OSX, Linux | $9.99 | Available now (Early Access)

From developer Fractal Phase: "A simple, fwooshy, intense arcade flight simulator. Blow things up over land, sea, and air, on an infinite number of procedurally-generated islands."

Alto's Odyssey
Platforms TBA | $TBA | Summer 2017

Not much has been revealed about this sequel to Team Alto's llama-chasing snowboarding game Alto's Adventure, but the short trailer looks rather lovely.

Windows, OSX | $TBA | Summer 2017

From developer Miga: "Inspired by classic immersive simulations such as System Shock and Deus Ex, HEVN is set in a realistic near-future. Except for a few technological poetic licenses, we set out to make HEVN a grounded sci-fi experience that exudes some ambience and mystery from movies like Moon and The Martian."

Super Cloudbuilt
Windows, PS4, Xbox One | $TBA | Summer 2017

A completely remastered version of Coilworks' sci-fi parkour platformer, Super Cloudbuilt will make its way to consoles this summer. This new version aims to be more intuitive to new players, while adding increased depth and variation, allowing you to choose between taking your time to explore and focusing on blistering speeds and high scores.

The Metronomicon
Windows, OSX, PS4, Xbox One | $19.99 (PC) | 2017

This weird, candy-colored rhythm-RPG- thingie makes its way to consoles later this year. The PC version, which has been available for a while now, will also receive a big content patch. It's a combination that shouldn't work, but oh boy, does this dance-off deliver.

Where Cards Fall
Windows, OSX, iOS | $TBA | Fall 2017

From developer The Game Band: "Where Cards Fall is a coming of age story where you build houses of cards to move through imaginative puzzles and bring vivid memories of adolescence to life."

Yoku's Island Express
Platforms TBA | $TBA | Winter 2017

From developer Villa Gorilla: "Yoku's Island Express is an open world/metroidvania-style pinball adventure, seamlessly blending platform navigation with pinball mechanics across a large open world. It is inspired by the joy of exploration of a young child, having just found the entrance to a secret garden, or unlocked the door to an attic full of wonderful and interesting things to discover."

Battle Planet VR
Google Daydream | $11.99 | Available now

From developer THREAKS: "Battle Planet is an exclusive VR shooter exclusively designed for Daydream, Google's platform for high quality mobile VR, featuring intriguing one-Stick shooting gameplay."

Platforms TBA | $TBA | 2017 | Greenlight

From developer Lienzo: "Dive into northern Mexico's most breathtaking landscape to experience the true life of a SukurĂșame. Mulaka is a 3D action-adventure game based on the Tarahumara indigenous culture that explores the lore of these legendary people!"

Caveman Warriors
Windows, OSX, Linux, PS4, Xbox One | $15 | June 2017 | Kickstarter

From developer JanduSoft: "Jump back in time and free your inner caveman. Smash heads in this local cooperative platformer game. Play solo or team up with up to 4 players. Inspired by games like New Super Mario, Joe & Mac and Trine."