Snake movements are the heart and soul of Snake Pass, a game about slithering like a snake to move around bright, colorful stages, as well as learning how to climb by coiling.

Snake Pass has you playing as Noodle, a snake who's supposed to save the day using mystical powers. Saving places is all well and good, but you might just find yourself not caring as you coil and slither your way around the environments, creeping up structures and just seeing where you can creep to with your movement style. Snake Pass is all about its movement style, and it shows in just how much fun it is to move around each stage.

You'll need to slither from side to side to maintain motion. You'll need to coil and wrap your body around things, stiffening your neck as you twist around pipes and outcroppings to raise yourself to higher areas. It's an unfamiliar kind of movement, but it doesn't take long before it just feels good to see what you can do, and what heights you can reach, in the playground-like stages the devs have created.

Yeah, you can save the world. Yeah, there are a bunch of collectibles to find should you want other things to do. It's that act of moving and climbing that'll keep bringing you back to Snake Pass. Being a hero is all well and good, but apparently, just moving like a snake and climbing things is more than fun enough for me.

Snake Pass is available for $24.99 on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game and developer Sumo Digital, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.