Defusing bombs tends to be pretty easy in games. Often you only have to hold a button till the explosive is disarmed. But Systemic Games' Bomb Squad Academy wants you to make those digital defusals a bit more challenging and involved. In this puzzle game, every level is primed to blow, and you must carefully cut wire, flip switches, and disable circuits to prevent the inevitable explosion.

The clock is ticking. Bomb Squad Academy is a game of observation and logic, challenging you to study each bomb, figure out which mechanisms are present, how they connect, and the order needed to defuse them all, under the pressure of a countdown. While early bombs only feature intersecting wires to cut, soon the explosive grow more complicated, with connected circuitry and logic switches that must be turned off or on, to prevent one action causing a chain reaction and subsequent bang.

Bomb Squad promises around an hour of intense defusing action, a lean focused puzzler that evolves from twin sticks of dynamite taped together to high-tech explosives protected by a web of wires and circuitry.

Bomb Squad Academy is available for $6.99 on Steam, and a demo can be found on More details on the game and developer can be found on their site and Twitter.