Depending on your age, Nintendo's N64 is either a clunky piece of plastic with some rather ugly games or childhood nostalgia, consolified. Either way, compared to both 16-bit pixel art and the higher resolution graphics that came later, the "N64 look" hasn't aged all that well.

Along comes developer Siactro and throws Macbat64, an unashamed love letter to the N64's low polys and jagged edges, at us. Turns out it's a rather lovely little retro throwback!

Inspired by some famous 3D platformers of old, Macbat 64 has you playing a flippity-flappity bat, collecting all sorts of things in about a dozen very short, varied levels. It's a light-hearted, cheery game that's a bit on the easy side and won't take you longer than an hour to beat.

There are also 2D sidescrolling and kart racing stages, as well as a bunch of bonus levels reminiscent of the Silent Hill games (of all things!), complete with unsettling music and bad lighting. A lot of small details are guaranteed to make you smile and - as far as I'm concerned - that's way more important than jagged edges or short playtime.

You can purchase Macbat 64 from and Steam for $4.99 (and a 20% launch discount). For more information, visit Siactro's website or follow him on Twitter.